We are MICAP Machineries
Quality Policy

We are the leaders of new technology

And provide excellent service for our partners

Commitment to quality service

With the continuous development

To the satisfaction of our customers.
And conforms to the law.

We serve our customers with high quality

products and service  expand the most profit 

for our customers.

Business People Applauding

We believe every factories in Thailand can be succeed in the global market.  

We believe the advance in manufacturing sector is the way to make our nation strong and improve Thai people living standard.

To complete our vision, we serve our customers with high quality products and services at the most effective cost.  We provide the most suitable technology to factories together with setting a new higher standard for Customer Service to help our customers becoming the leader in their fields.

About Us

We have started to operate business since 1976

under the name of Micap International Ltd. Partnership and this has been transformed to Micap Machineries (1986) for a greater recognition.  

We are a machinary distributor mostly involve in high-tech material conversion machines

for more than 30 industries within Thailand and neighbouring countries.

High standard After-Sale service is always our core philosophy. 

We are always searching for new products for our customer.

such as Automatic Cutting Machine, Hydraulic Diecutting Machine, MES Software

And we also welcome for partnerships with new suppliers with quality products,

who are reliable and looking for long term relationship.