Synthetic Cutting

High quality automatic synthetic cutting machine will be able to quickly the production needs. Can be applied to various industries, for example,

  • Shoes

  • Automotive supplies

  • Rubber

  • Synthetic material

  • Carpet or Felt

  • Sporting goods

  • Foam and Sponge

  • Fabric material

  • Non woven fabric

  • Simplify the entire production process

  • Able to produce quickly, reducing production lead time

  • Save manpower, material,space and easier to manage

Our Materials

Foam & Sponge



Felt & Rubber

Leather Cutting

Automatic leather cutting machine In the large manufacturing industry most often choose to use. Due to its high efficiency and ability to respond production in the industry, for example,​

  • Shoes

  • Bags, Wallet

  • Automotive supplies

  • Rubber

  • Furniture

  • Carpet

  • Sporting goods

  • Cutting, Drilling, Marking use only one cutting head in every step.

  • Easy to switch between big production and small production (variety of styles)

  • High quality and efficiency cutting precision

Our Materials

Leather Material




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