Cutting Machine

Cutting Machine 4.0

overall material smart cutting mode for industial

helps our customers to achieve their goal 80% of cutting made by automation

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in Conversion Specialists
Over 42 years
from Micap International Ltd. Partnership

We're a machinary distributor range from

shoe industry to high-tech semi conductor industry 


Since the beginning we have always provided

our customer full supports on maintenance service

We are always searching for new product

and solution for our customer

Service Quality

We are a provider of distribution and maintenance of machines, After-sales service and Industrial spare parts in Thailand. We're always provided new products and services to respond for MICAP's customer needs.

Maintenance Service

42 Years

12 Contries

30 Industries

5 Team

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Our Product

MICAP stands for premium quality, cost effective and state-of-the-art technology our machines are setting the standards in their related field.

MICAP Services team specializes in maintenance machineries for maximum performance for continuous operation of customer. We support our customers with machines,

service maintenance and consumable parts, which are required for machine operation.

CNC cutting machine S2-5516-P
CNC cutting machine L2-3316-D
Die cutting machine
Die cutting machine RBC
Die cutting machine THNC
Die cutting machine CPC-E
Die cutting machine HSC
Die cutting machine SGC
Die cutting machine Swing Arm
Rotary die cutting
Card processing

CNC Cutting Machine

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Synthetic CNC Cutting Machine

Automatic cutting machine supports multi-layer cutting and automatic material feeding. Help to reduce the complexity of production, save manpower, materials, production area.


Leather CNC Cutting Machine

Automatic cutting machine supports multi-layer cutting and automatic material feeding. Cutting heads working independently, High quality and efficiency cutting precision

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