For four decades, MICAP is committed to improving factories efficiency through creating and delivering tailored conversion solutions.
We provide a huge range for material conversions backed by our proven track record in delivering demanding efficient production line.
More and more factory sectors are seeking greater efficiencies by targeting new processes where their production costs can be reduced and minimising  overhead costs.  Our solutions are developed with our international partners and sold around the world make us aware of new technology that make more cost-effective for our clients.

MICAP has extensive involvement in material conversion in the following industries:

Mobile phone, Electronic, LCD and RFID

Our products involve in cutting and laminating electronic components.

•    Optical films, plastic films, films.LCD;
•    Flex circuit components;
•    Speaker and microphone filters;
•    Electronic device housing vents;
•    Printed Electronics; 
•    LED lighting; and many more.



Automotive industry

In the production of car interiors, the highest standards of precision and reproducibility apply.

  • Automotive Upholstery;

  • Cushioning, sealing, gasketing;

  • Electronic insulation;

  • Insulators, Sound Dampening​; and

  • Many more.

Automotive component

In the production of car interiors, the highest standards of precision and reproducibility apply.

•    Automotive Upholstery;
•    Cushioning, sealing, gasketing;
•    Electronic insulation;
•    Insulators, Sound Dampening; and many more.


Solar energy and Battery

For high volume production of solar panel and battery, our RDC can be used for the following applications:

  • Solar Panel Components;

  • Reinforcement Materials;

  • Battery labels;

  • High performance mil-spec elastomers.


Smart card, Security printing

We provide total solution for card converting system. High precision and cost effective are applied.

  • Security card;

  • Credit card;

  • Sim card;

  • Passport;

  • Paper and Plastic cards.


Foam, Sponge and Cosmetics

In conversion process of foam, sponge and cosmetic materials.

  • Rubber foam;

  • Insulation foam;

  • Automotive foam;

  • Electronic foam;

  • Cosmeceutical pads;

  • Masks and many more.


Leather, Shoes, Textile and Non-wooven

Whether small or large series, luxury or consumer goods - by using our machines for high precision and high quality.


  • Leather goods

  • Artificial leather;

  • Textile;

  • Non-woven;

  • Cotton, Cameras cotton, Cotton filters;

  • Dust-proof net;

  • Linings, Shirt Collars;

  • Brassieres.


Paper and Plastic

Our machines are largely used in paper and plastic industry, especially for packaging.

  • Paper Board and Corrugated Board;

  • Board and Plastic boxes;

  • Envelopes (Western / Japanese / Chinese);

  • Stationery and Folders;

  • Insulation materials.


Floor tile, Rubber and Sport goods

We can provide fully-automatic solution for these applications:


  • Carpet;

  • Plastic floor tile;

  • Rubber floor tile;

  • port goods.


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